BOOBS!! (and what to do about them when you train)

I recently got professionally fitted for a bra for the first time in my life. Having been completely flat chested until I had to take a year off circus due to a serious injury at the age of 23, I imagined that I’d be a B-cup, possibly even a C. Nope. Double D. Imagine my surprise! No wonder I had been smacking myself in the face with my girly bits every time I did burpees!3182 9407

Why am I writing about this? Well, this week I’m going to talk about boobs, wonderful boobs. I may even talk about how they relate to your aerial training.

Over the shoulder boulder holders:

I have been finding that the best way to keep the girls under control when I’m training has been to wear a sports bra OVER my normal bra, since a sports bra alone just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I don’t recommend you use this technique with an underwire bra, as it will cause the wire to dig in and create a most uncomfortable situation for your poor chesticles.

On Necklines:

Many of my students are, shall we say, blessed in the chest. Many of them also like to wear v- neck tank tops or halter neck tops to training. Whilst these clothing items are awesome for showing a bit of cheeky cleavage when you are the right way up and have your feet planted firmly on the ground, just imagine what would happen if gravity was acting on the girls in the other direction, say like when you’re in an inversion.


Sorry, my imagination got a bit carried away there.

It’s not unheard of for a boob, in this situation, to rid itself of its shackles and decide to pop out and explore the outside world.IMG_0062

NOW EVERYONE!!! There’s a time and a place for letting the ladies loose in public, but when you’re upside down, six meters on the air and about to do a new drop for the first time isn’t it!

Make sure your neck line is high enough to keep you covered when you’re upside down. Boat necks, crew necks, and mock turtle necks all work well, but above all, make sure that it’s something that you are comfortable in.

This is especially important if you are choosing a costume to perform in. You’ll have plenty of other things to worry about when you perform your act, popping out of your costume shouldn’t have to be one of them.

Keep in mind, any move where you arch your back is going to lift the ladies in your attire, especially if said attire is anchored by silks wraps or, in the case of trapeze or lyra,  your own weight on the bar, such as in a backbalance. Be prepared for this.

If you have any other terrific tips for taming your tits (for aerial), please share them in the comments.


A bit of Friday Fun…..

Well, its time for my weekly post, but I’ve been so flat out with coaching and seeing fabulous shows at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, I’ve just been too busy to actually write anything meaningful. So instead, I thought I’d brighten your day with a little scrap on nonsense: giraffes on a trapeze diving into a pool. Because what’s life without whimsy?


What you shouldn’t wear to aerial class

Last week we talked about what you should wear to aerial class. Now let’s talk about what you shouldn’t wear to class:



-Anything with zippers on it, even if its workout gear

-Rings, bracelets or watches

-Dangly necklaces or earrings like something out of the 80’s

-Belly button piercings

-Fake nails

And here’s why:


All of these items have the tendency to tear holes in silks. Having holes in the silks compromises the structural integrity and therefore strength of the fabric, which makes it iffy at best and at worst downright unsafe to use. I have a policy in my classes that any silks with a hole is taken down and re-purposed (I made my first ever mermaid costume out of a retired set of silks).IMG_0059 Also, aerial equipment isn’t cheap, so as well as keeping your safety in mind, we simply can’t afford to be replacing the silks after every class, so please, wear appropriate clothing and take your jewellery off.

Speaking of personal safety, long, dangly necklaces and earrings pose the risk of getting caught when you do wraps in the silks, which could potentially end up choking you, or tearing an ear-lobe. Neither are fun scenarios to contemplate, much less witness, I’m sure you’ll agree. Belly button piercings are not a pretty sight either when they tear out, and can be easily covered by wearing appropriate clothing, such as the leotard we talked about last week.

This week, I want you guys comment with potential uses for 18+ meters of holey fabric. The more creative and out there, the better! I have LOTS of it!

What should I wear to aerial class?

I often get asked this question, particularly from pole dance converts who are used to being expected to wear microscopic shorts and crop tops. In the heat of an Adelaide summer, it can be tempting to adopt this attire for aerial class, but here is one very good reason why you shouldn’t.


Sexy, isn’t it?

This, my friends, is a friction burn. These occur when the synthetic fibres of an aerial silk move swiftly over your unprotected skin, such as in a drop. Common places for them to occur are under the armpits and the insides of the elbows, backs of the knees, and on the waist just above the hips.

The best way to avoid these is to wear the opposite of what you would wear to a pole dancing class, namely, tights or leggings and a tight fitting, long sleeve top.  These will prevent burns on the arms and legs. Trickier to cover is the waist, where tights and top so often part company. The best way I found to combat burns in this area is to invest in a leotard. It doesn’t have to be a flamboyant sequinned affair (unless, of course, you want it to be) and I’m not going to ask you to put your hair in a bun and do plies. If, like me, you are on the, shall we say, chubbier side, and a leotard does your fabulous curves no favours, you can wear it under your long sleeved t shirt and trakkies to preserve your modesty, if you still have any.

If you are tiny, you can pick up leotards exquisitely cheaply in kids sizes from places like K-mart. If not, you can get them in adult’s sizes from places like Bloch or American Apparel, but they will be considerably pricier. Alternatively, you can shop till you drop on the interwebs. That way it’ll feel like Christmas when the parcel comes in the post! yay!

My aerial students have recently been delighting me with a vast array of patterned tights, boasting everything from comic strips to the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter to maps of Middle Earth (my aerialists are nerds and I love it) to a hundred variations on the theme of Leopard. This week, I want you, dear readers, to post pictures of your most spectacular pair of tights.