An interview with a Circus Enthusiast

Hello Everyone! This week, I’d like to share an interview that I  did with Adelaide artist Tangerine Meg. She has been coming to circus classes and been a vibrant and enthusiastic member of our community at Zigzag Circus for a number of years.

  1. How did you discover circus and what aspects of it did you find most appealing?

I discovered circus when my younger son was doing Kindergym (movement classes for pre-school children). The kindergym leader told me about Cirkidz, the only Adelaide circus school at the time. When my boys were in circus class I watched them having active fun and gaining skills and decided to see if beginner adults could learn too.

At that stage I’d been a solo mum for a a couple of years, and it was good to get back to doing something fun for myself. I loved the interesting skills, and bonus strength. My biceps got visible (when I flexed ’em!) As a child I’d not done handstands or cartwheels – I don’t know why – and when I finally did a handstand (against a wall) it was a proud moment! I got fit and strong doing circus, forgetting I was working out because circus is intrinsically enjoyable and fascinating!

I did this lino print at around that time, it’s symbolic of the freedom and enjoyment:


  1. You are well known amongst your fellow circus students for having relentless positivity and a never-give-up attitude. How do you cope when you are feeling frustrated with your training?

Sometimes I’d cry in frustration on the drive home, or, at training I’d hide away in the storeroom for a cry. Then come back out and have another try! Cry, cry, try again!

I keep my spirits up in the face of microscopic progress by: showing my family my new little skills – or my new little biceps! And to keep returning to comparing me to me (ie. my own progress) rather than comparing myself to someone else whose story I don’t know!


  1. How has circus benefited you, physically, socially or mentally? Has it had an impact on your life outside the circus gym?

There’s a positive, friendly, helpful atmosphere at circus. I’ve made friends, and met people who inspire me, along with newfound confidence from increased strength & fitness.

It’s fun being a part of a world which I didn’t previously know existed. I even got to go in the Adelaide Fringe in 2009 as an acrobat! Here’s a photo of part of our act:

Pyramids act - Adelaide Fringe 2009

Pyramids act – Adelaide Fringe 2009

  1. What are your favourite circus disciplines to train?

I adore beyond reason: Acro, handstands, trapeze.

Which ones do you find the hardest? Acro, handstands, trapeze! Haha, my favourites are not always easy! I find tumbling frustrating, too!

I’m bursting to get back to circus training 🙂 in the meantime, I’d love if you’d come visit me online…


My thing is Bold Art for Bold Souls. My favourite subjects include people, cats and garden produce, all in my joyful, vibrant style of watercolours and lino prints. I’d love you to visit my my art website – you can even download free art printables – there are bright bookmarks and a Reading Girl Bookplate PDF available this very moment!


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