I fell in love with the circus at the age of 13. I started my circus career in youth circus troupes around my home town of Adelaide, and upon finishing high school, I moved to Melbourne to study at the National Institute of Circus Arts, graduating with an Advanced Diploma. Since then, I have breathed, sweated and bled circus. My circus life has taken me far and wide, travelling the world with my performances. I have performed throughout Australia, Asia and the UK. I have done everything from posh, ultra conservative corporate shows, to burlesque, to contemporary dance shows. I have been part of low budget Fringe shows to travelling with traditional family shows with all the sequins, feathers, and muddy tent pull-downs that are part and parcel of circus life. I love the traveling aspect of circus life, seeing new places, meeting, working with and getting to know new people.

Contortion Inferno 2004

As a performer, I love being able to alternately make an audience laugh and gasp with awe. Whilst primarily an aerialist, I also have a dizzying array of ground acts, burlesque style acts and utterly unique acts, and I will give anything a go at least once. I love any opportunity to be part of an ensemble and perform in group acts, but am equally happy working as a soloist.

I relish every opportunity to work in a creative and collaborative environment with like-minded people to create new acts and take those acts to new audiences.

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