Circuscise Classes and Personal Training for Fitness

Circuscise: Circus Fitness

I believe that fitness should be fun, and who has better bodies than circus performers? I10354750_10152638578654016_6315323021676549847_n have developed a series of circus-themed fitness classes to challenge everyone from the complete novice to die-hard gym junkies. My classes include Aerial Yoga, a unique program having been written from the perspective of an aerial teacher, it develops strength, flexibility and stability in a low  impact and relaxed environment. I also offer HulaFit, dynamic class using hula hoops to increase cardio fitness and offer whole-body strength conditioning and Flexcercise, a class using elastic therabands to stretch, strengthen and challenge stability.

These programs were written to fit seamlessly into any gym, yoga or dance studio. To enquire further about these programs to ask if I can teach these at your gym or studio, or to find out about current class times and locations, send me an email on the contact page.

Personal Training: For Fitness

Wether you want to increase your strength and stamina for circus aerials or another sport, lose weight, or simply maintain functional movements as you age, I can work with you to create a personalised exercise program that appeals to you specifically. Using exercises that you enjoy the most, I can design sessions that are effective and enjoyable, thus making them easy to stick to and helping you to make long term lifestyle changes that will benefit you, body and soul. You’ll find yourself looking forward to exercise sessions instead of dreading them!

Sessions can be held at either in the Adelaide CBD or in the comfort of your own home.